Simon Niklaus
  • Computer Vision and Deep Learning
Separable Convolution video frame interpolation via adaptive separable convolution
Adaptive Convolution video frame interpolation via adaptive convolution
CS 510 - Full Stack full stack web development from the front-end to the back-end
CS 542 - Intelligence ļ¬nding optimal and satisfying solutions to combinatorial games
Bookmark Tab a Firefox extension that makes bookmarks easily accessible
Mini Chess a chess game that uses smaller boards to make it more accessible
Rotary Pipes a puzzle game that makes the player rotate pipes to connect them all
Spritpreis Widget an Android app that shows the gasoline price of nearby gas stations
Stock Widget an app for Android that shows the key data of selected stocks
Uptime Monitor a Windows application that shows the uptimes of a computer
Youtube Watchmarker a Firefox extension that marks watched videos on YouTube as such
Rollercoaster Tycoon an overview of a hobby of mine revolving around a classic video game
Fullness Determination using satellite imagery to determine the fullness of oil containers